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Guest Stories

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Written by Zoë Porter Hits: 4894

I had the very exciting opportunity to publish a story, written by my dear friend Virginia.  I always hoped to get someone else to write for this platform, although it might be a bit weird, since the site is named Afanen-Writes. So having writers on here, who are not, well, me, is a little bit confusing.

However, when Virginia told me, she wrote a short story, and asked me for an opinon, I was really excited. After reading it, I was hooked. She has a way of working with words, that I can only envy her for. The whole thing is very poetic, I love the setting and the idea to express feelings through music.

Plus, of course, there is hardly anything more beautiful than a beautiful woman playing music, right?

Mmmh, too many spoilers here, so just read for yourself Sonata In B Minor.

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