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In A Dark Mirror - Epilogue

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The October sun was still warm in Aifric’s face, but the chilly wind was a herald of the coming winter. The flurry whirled up a couple of golden leaves, and scattered them among the tombstones. The autumn sun made the whole scenery shine in gold and red. “A few weeks, and the trees will be bare.” Aifric thought as she stepped down the narrow path between the rows of graves.
Heathers grave was located under a maple tree, which had red and golden leaves raining down on it. It was the kind of scenery Heather would have basked in. Fittingly her grave had been planted with violet heather that covered the whole of the ground. A simple stone said nothing but her name. Although she knew her friend wouldn’t have a big scene, it troubled Aifric that the church didn’t even bother to pay for more than the simplest of stones, after they had killed her.
She knelt in front of the grave and put her hand on the soft damp earth between the heather.
“Hello my love.” She whispered. Tears welled up in her eyes, and a lump in her throat made it hard for her to speak. After sitting still for a moment, she continued. “I wanted you to know, they gave the old penguin 25 years. I don’t think she’ll ever see the sunlight again.”
“I’m now living in a residential home in Bray for now. Only four other kids, and I’m the oldest. It’s quite OK, no one bothers me. I’ve got my own room, and the other girls mostly leave me alone. The carers are all really sweet, and everyone is especially nice to me.” She sighed.
“God, you would hate it!”
She kept her silence until she heard the steps from Amanda coming up behind her. Amanda was the social worker who had driven her here.
“I miss you.” Aifric whispered and rose from the ground. The grey woman stepped up at her side and laid a hand on her shoulder.
“Everything OK?” She asked sympathetically.
“I’ll manage.” Aifric nodded and straightened her back.
“She was your friend.” It was half a statement and half a question. Amanda knew the files, but she did not know the whole story.
Aifric shook her head. “She saved me.” She explained. And she knew Amanda would never understand what these words meant. Not only had Heather saved her life, she had also taught her how to live, when she thought there was nothing more to live for. Sure, there was a long winter coming, filled with tears and therapy sessions. But Aifric now knew that at the end of it, spring would come again. Maybe even for her.
The two women turned away from the grave and slowly walked down the path. The wind swept yellow leaves around in tiny circles.

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